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Specialty Care Assisted Living Facility


Cherokee Village has an onsite Activity Director, Connie Webb. She leads our residents in fun parties, games, & crafts, as well as daily exercise. The Activity Director also makes sure holidays are special, and fun, by encouraging residents & staff participation. Also in the summer months we have activities such as cookouts, gardening, and other special outside events.






Every month Connie makes a calendar and posts it in the hall for the residents to see. Each resident also receives a copy of the calendar that is placed in their room.


Our residents also continue independent activities in their spare time. These independent activities include playing cards, checkers, & dominos. We also provide things such as puzzles, books, a billiard table, & much much more for their enjoyment.


Our Activities Director also plans fun entertainment for our residents.  Also we recently have obtained a Wii game for the residents to use. They get to enjoy games such as tennis, bowling, and baseball.

  She also leads exercise every morning with the residents. She makes exercise fun to participate in. The residents all laugh and sing and have a wonderful time.

As you can see from the pictures we have lots of fun here at the Village everyday! There is never a dull moment, there is always an activity going on somewhere.

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